This is the wiki of gorcrew faize, you gotta read and get ready to be dazed. This man has it all, the money, the bitches, the perfect pitch. His voice is fabulous, that makes him rock his style, when you play with him you better be careful if you're not get the fuck off his level.

His Life Edit

Young man faize grew up in a rural environment where he learns to fight and defend himself from all the batshit his friends gave him.

He began to realize his potential in music after the beautiful music of the best rapper out there. Thee one and only T.Villa. He soon became friends with his dream rapper and started to pursue his dream to rap. Later in the future he began playing video games and lost his passion for music. But the passion started growing again after T.Villa released his new mix tape( Everyone should buy it, its called "Fire"). His bowels started to rumble from the entrancing music he was listening to. The world became whole for him and he was one with the "Fire".


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