Welcome to the Chris Estebal page Edit

This is a Bio about none other than, The hip, slick, that wins the chick; Chris Estebal


Rare photo of Chris' true identity

All he really does is sit in front of the computer and plays video games or watches anime Not alot of people know this but he is really, Skeletor. Watch out, and try not to be deceived. He has many forms. He is seen here shaking the presidents hand be cautious.

Things he likes Edit

Although he is Skeletor and has no apparent ears, he does like music. Some of his favorite songs consists of:


T.Villa's new mixtape (you should cop it, It's totally fire)

-Life style by Young thug

-Fire by T.Villa

-Skeletor by T.Villa

-That one song by Kate Perry

-All those words are your song by T.Villa

Shrek Coverart

Chris' favorite game

As you can see he loves the songs by T.Villa in his new mixtape "Fire". All Chris "Skeletor" Estebal wishes for in the world is to be just Like T.Villa. He thinks that one day he can be just like T.Villa meaning he would have to have some sick raps. He thinks that one day He will achieve being like T.Villa and get mad pussy like he does.

Being that he does like to sit in front of the computer and just jerk off all day to some anime porn, he does like video games. His favorite Videogames is Shrek for the X-Box. he thinks the story and game design are the greatest aspects of the game.

His life currently Edit


Butt Quack

Chris is currently a model for the latest brand of under garments called the "Dong Thong" from the same creators of "Booty Blasters" made by non other than that sick rapper who's raps are so fire that it will scorch your ears when you listen to his new mix tape, T.Villa. Chris is currently his main bitch for reppin' his clothing line, The picture you see before you is titled "Butt Quack" and takes the stage name of Chris Ducker. Yes not only is Chris Skeletor, he is also a duck. Hi Nina!:)

Chris also has the hobby of eating major ass. He's eaten them all, Mine, yours, your mom's. Hell he even ate his own ass. On January 14 2015 He agreed to eat the ass of ____ if we won a game of league of legends,however we did not win that game. But he still does eat ass, hit him up at 1-800-EAT-ASS$ where he provides quality ass eating for as low as 2$ and a bj.  Hi Nina! :^)

He also has the hobby of dancing. at the age of 8 he began dancing. He dance battled many foes including our very own Gorcrew Chaldean. Soon after he became one of the best dancers of Gautemala. He knows many dances from the chacha to the reverse cowgirl. Beware when you do challenge him to a dance battle.

It is known that you will be quick scoped three times and then explode. As shown in this video as Gorcrew chaldean explodes.



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